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The location of a property is a large contributor to its value, this applies to the location of your business too.....

Our office/agency is located on the bustling student/residential area of Cottingham road, a 2 minute walk from the popular Newland Avenue.

We have a bright modern face too our company to help attract customers to experience our top of the line technologies and services.

Hull is a small city and all of our staff have knowledge and demographics of each post coded area, so we are able to guide and advise based on first-hand experience of the city..... so don’t worry if you are not from here, familiar with the areas, or worried you may not have the property markets most up to date trends and patterns.... we do and we will deliver this too you in our warm and friendly lounge area.

We may only have 1 branch this branch we have a team of 5 highly skilled and experienced property experts each with their own qualities and experiences in the property market.

We mange houses for local landlords at a reasonable rate, sell for the same and also help our customers turn a Blanc Space into a home, whether you are buying or renting.

Relationships are based on trust

At BlancSpaces we aim to take a more personal approach with our clients in the hope of forming relationships with each of our clients….

“The two words ‘information’ and ‘communication’ are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through” – Sydney J. Harris

We don’t formally dish out a pile of information for our clients – unless requested – we prefer to sit and chat to ensure that everyone is of an understanding….. Our website is extremely informative for reference but how better to absorb information than then through face to face conversation…. If you are not local, the same applies…. Book a 30 minute video chat online today.

30 Minute Video Call

To book an appointment for your 30 minute video call, please click here


There is a big difference between price and value….

We are not the cheapest agency out there, but the price you pay will reflect the quality of service you receive with us…. You’re paying for friendly and efficient service, professional guidance and advice, regular communication, top of the range technologies and local property expertise.


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