Due to corona virus, it’s made it more obvious in all sectors of life that we need to shift onto a more digital platform to carry on with offering goods and services. As we are in a pandemic, this is going to change the behavior patterns of buying and selling on the high street.

We are all facing a brick wall with what are we facing next?

How do I sell/buy my house at the present time as it seems quite impossible?

How to buy/sell/rent while on lockdown

People buy properties based on certain factors, price, location, facilities (Schools, place of work, inner city/suburban/countryside, number of bedrooms, reception rooms, kitchen, parking, condition of property, pictures and viewings etc.

You will find out that it is based on more of all the other factors, rather than the viewings and the photos even though these are a percentage to the sale.

How can we facilitate the viewings and the photos?

We can give you access to our online apps on which you can create your own floor plans and we can educate you on how to do this. We can loan you a camera or you can use your own and upload your own photos/videos on our website. We can give you a template highlighting bullet points about your property given the information you give to us. We can do an online sales contract. We can put all this information onto our other major portals (Zoopla, Rightmove etc.) as well as our social media sites.

A recommendation for doing a safe viewing could be for us to provide the appropriate PPE equipment (I.e. sanitizer, rubber gloves, face masks etc.) as well as keeping the viewings to a short amount of time making sure there is a 2 meter space between each person as well as simply looking through windows when it comes to the viewings.


As well as using our online valuation tool upon our site, a valuer can do a desktop valuation from a morgage company. (See link on home page)


All legal work can be done online via email, Skype, telephone and scans. You can also do this via our online portal to keep up to date with the day to day of your property management and sales.


For people who wish to rent, we’ve made it simple. You can do a physical viewing when the property is empty. We can also leave the keys securely at the property so that you can view the property at your leisure. Upon you like the property you can do all the correspondence online (IE you can do the AST’s online as well as any other legal forms which we can provide) Again, you can also conference call us via skype or simply email us.


Upon move in day the seller will be provided with sealed boxes for their things. The property will be cleaned by our trusted cleaners so that it will be ready for the buyer and the keys can be handed over by leaving them on the door handle/wall safe (If applicable)

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